Level3 [LV3] Self Fastening Hair Grips 4pcs

Level3 [LV3] Hair Grips 4pcs
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Level3 [LV3] Hair Grips 4pcs

L3VEL3 Self Fastening Hair Grips

Our Self Fastening hair grips are an innovative, damage-free way to hold parted hair in place.

Whether you’re applying a face mask at home or working on a client’s undercut, hair can seriously get in the way. Hairbands offer a quick solution, but they’re really not your vibe. Regular clips work for most hair types, but they struggle with thick or super-curly hair. Our self fastening hair grips, though, can handle all hair types, textures, and thicknesses. Simply press the self fastening pad to the hair and you’re done. The strong grip secures even large hair sections in place, without causing damage or getting tangled.

Key Features

  • Self fastening design holds hair sections neatly and securely
  • Flexible, but with a strong grip to hold any hair type
  • No teeth that could damage hair or get tangled
  • Palm size for easy application and removal in dry hair
  • Washable and reusable, boasting smart looks too

Why It’s a Game-Changer
Our self fastening hair grips are low-key genius. Made with premium quality hook-and-loop fabric, they stick to hair and hold it firmly in place. When it’s time to remove the grips, they come away cleanly without tearing the hair or getting tangled. These insanely clever pads make parting hair the easiest job you’ll do all day. And we’re all about the easy life at L3VEL3.

Hook up with these self fastening hair grippers and you’ll ghost your other clips. With their stick ‘n’ go design, they avoid all the dramas that come with regular hair clips. They have no clasps to open, which can be tricky when you’re rushing or wearing nitrile gloves. They have no plastic teeth that could get tangled because ouch. And they don’t flinch at thick, curly, or frizzy hair. They just stick, stay put while you work, then slide out when you’re done.

The pads’ size is a genius move too. They fit perfectly in your palm, making them ideal barber hair grippers for stylists who have to work quickly but precisely. The pads’ broad surface area can handle even the thickest hair types and hold large sections. They’re a powerhouse piece of kit, but flexible and lightweight for effortless, painless application. They’re also washable, so you can reuse them day after day with no hygiene concerns.

Use these self fastening hair grips at home when you’re styling your hair or applying skincare products. If you’re a barber, use them to keep clients’ hair out of the way while you’re doing detail work. There are four grips in the pack, so you’ll always be covered. With slick looks and even slicker application, these grips are a must for the modern barber shop.   

Includes: 4 hair grips. Size: 4.5” L x 2” W each.  

How to Use

  • Grab a pad and the section of hair you need to secure
  • Place the pad on the hair and let the self fastening work its magic
  • To remove, simply slide the pad out of the hair

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