Pro-Mate Diamond Film Carbon T-Blade for Andis Superliner RT-1

Item Number: PM1220

What is Diamond-Film Carbon?
carbon is a very versatile element, it owes its versatility to the different ways carbon atoms can bond to each other and to other elements. In graphite, carbon atoms bond strongly to each other within a plane but weakly between adjacent planes. Graphite is soft, electrically conducting and opaque. In diamond the bonding is strong in all directions. Diamond is the hardest known material, electrically insulating and transparent from the far ultraviolet to the far infrared. Diamond films with excellent protective properties can be produced by vacuum deposition but the optimum substrate temperature for coating is about 1652°F which severely limits the range of substrates to which diamond can be applied.

  • Stays sharper longer
  • Closest cut pre-set
  • Cooler operation
  • Rust free
  • Super fast cutting

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