BabylissPRO FX High Performance Turbo Hair Dryer w/ Attachments

BabylissPRO FX High Performance Turbo Hair Dryer & Attachments
Item Number: FXBDG1 [Gold], RXBDRG1 [Rose Gold], FXBDB1 [Black], FXBDR1 [Red], FXBDW1 [White]

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BabylissPRO FX High Performance Turbo Hair Dryer & Attachments

High-performance. Perfectly balanced. Italian-designed. The BaBylissPRO® GOLDFX Dryer offers the superior engineering and sleek styling that make our GOLDFX collections so popular. Compact housing powered by a high-speed brushless engine allows faster styling and maneuvering. A turbo button boosts wind speed to 110 MPH, making this one of the fastest dryers available. A long, knurled metal handle ensures the ultimate no-slip grip, even with styling products on your hands. Dual heat and speed settings, snap-on concentrator, beard pic, and diffuser make this an essential styling tool.
Features & Benefits


  • Ion Generator
  • Balanced metallic housing/knurled metal extended handle
  • True cold shot
  • 9-foot power cord with hanging hook
  • Removable noise reducing filter
  • High speed 10,000-hour brushless motor
  • Lock in turbo
  • 2 speeds/2 heat settings
  • Limited 4-year warranty

UPC Code: 074108448873 [Gold]
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UPC Code: 074108456502 [Red | Hawk the Barber Prodigy]
UPC Code: 074108456496 [White | Rob the Original]


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